How to change to different tempos at the middle of the song in Cubasis?


I have tried my best but couldn’t find a way to adjust the tempo in the middle of the song. It’s been 2 years since this topic being brought up here but looks like Cubasis still doesn’t have it.
Is there any ways to achieve that?

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Hi minh,
Unfortunately Cubasis does not allow tempo change within a project, but if you look at my photo below, you will see that I have 4 Midi tracks and 1 Audio track. Originally the midi tracks had 36 bars that all played at 120 BPM.
I mixed down a recording of just 1 midi track for this demonstration and added it to the mix. I then cut each track into 12 bar sections (including audio track).
I first selected the audio track on the blue section, tapped the STRETCH tab, dragged it down the screen (sometimes this panel obscures what you are trying to stretch), I then tap and drag the arrow in the yellow circle and to a position that gives me a slower tempo, in this case 108% gives me a tempo of 107.8 BPM.
I then proceed to the audio yellow section and using the above example but this time reducing the stretch to 50%, this gives me 240 BPM. Drag the blue stretched section to meet up with the yellow section as my photo shows. The project now has 31 physical tracks but it will still play 36 bars.
You can stretch the cut section in any order you prefer as the outcome will be the same.
Do this to all tracks in your project to have varying tempo changes. It’s not as simple as a proper tempo track but it works perfectly well. Once you have done it a few times it becomes second nature.
Ps, practice on a simple project before you attempt the above and always duplicate the original project and select “Open Duplicate”, by doing this you can easily start again by opening a new duplicated version.
Hope this helps :upside_down_face::+1:

Hi Mike,
Thank you very much for your detailed instructions! :pray:
Yes, looking around and I realize Stretch is the only option we have in this case. It works fine when you already complete the compose work and don’t need to adjust MIDI position. Otherwise, after stretching, adjusting anything will be a very difficult task because we can’t snap midi to grid correctly anymore.

I can follow your guide and work around in the mean time, but I do believe that tempo track is a very important tool and should be available in Cubasis soon, especially because it’s a normal tool we often see in the official Cubase software.


Hi Minh,
Do you know something we don’t lol,
I have been a Cubaser for years and I really miss the tempo/time signature track not being in Cubasis, but I have adapted to the situation. It’s a similar technique for mixing time signatures such as 4/4 & 7/4, I would start a project in 4/4 for around 8 bars, I would then open a new project with the same title but with the new time signature added to the end of the title, I then carry on creating my project in 7/4 for another 8 bars (or how ever many would be required), I then highlight all tracks and hit COPY, I then reopen the existing project, set timeline ruler to the bars at the end of current project (making sure track 1 is highlighted) and tap PASTE.
REMEMBER: 4 bars @ 7/4 fits perfectly on the end of 4/4, so as long as you keep in multiples of 4 then all will be fine (see photo)
Happy days….hopefully :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Apparently to add @ tempo track to Cubasis would mean re-writing Cubasis from the ground up, so don’t hold your breath :rofl:

Hello Mike,

Ha ha I obviously don’t know if Cubasis team have any plans for tempo track, but it’s more like my hope for it to be true :rofl:

Thank you very much for sharing all methods possible so I can at least do something about it. Your guides are very clear and details that I can follow well.

I really hope Cubasis becomes more and more popular and we can all create nice music with it with more freedom and supports.


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