How to change velocity on one note in polyphony


I recently switch from Cubase to nuendo. So I have one question about the midi edition in key editor.
On Cubase, when I wanted to change a velocity on only one note, I just used shift+ctrl and clicked on the note and move up to increase velocity and moved down to decrease the velocity. And a speaker icon appeared when you used this fonction.
This fonction is very useful when you are working with chords and you just want to edit the velocity of a note in this chord.
I can’t find this functionality in nuendo.
Could you please tell me, how to do it?
Thank you very much

Use List Editor instead. You can then either edit the values directly in the Data 2 column or use the sliding values on the right of the List Editor Window.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer.
That’s a pity this function doesn’t exist on Nuendo. That’s very nice from you to give me a workaround, but that’s not very handy and not the faster way to do it! Bad for the workflow.
I find the way to change the velocity in the info bar in key editor. But that’s not good too…

Thanks anyway

I got same problem. did you find any way?

Try rebinding the Tool Modifier in Preferences. Shown below:

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Yes! In the meantime, I found it!!
Thank you soooo much!

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oh…It is simple. Thank you so much !!