How to change volume DB level for speciifc Audio part?

I am using Cubase Elements 8 version. Say I need to increase the volume level for specific part in the audio track, how do I do that? In the manual, I see information related to “volume handle” for audio events…When I select the “range” button in the tool bar and select specific audio part, I am not seeing the “volume handle” line as manual mention. Can someone clarify what are the exact steps needed here? Thanks

Use the arrow, not the range tool. The volume handle is in the top middle of the event (events, not parts).

Event volume can also be managed very smooth in the infoline. Be sure it’s visible (window layout button on top left of the project window).

I guess kvsub is asking about specific audio part. Not sure if this is a good answer.

  1. You may use volume automation.
  2. use range tool and cut (Shift-X) and change gain.