How to change VST Sound file locations?

Where are the location and existence of the various VST sounds for included VST instruments recorded?

I am migrating slowly form Vista to W7. Using CB 64 on W7 and CB 32 on Vista.

I have removable hard drives on my DAW.
I simply swap out the system drive to work in either system.

All my sounds, projects, etc, are stored on other drives.

When I installed CB 64 on the W7 drive I had to re-install all the VST Sound Libraries in order to get HS SE, HSO, Loopmash, etc to find and recognize the sounds.

Did fairly well, but still ended up with duplicates of sounds stored 1 folder or so away from each other on my “sounds” drive.

I’m assuming the location (and existence) of sounds (for Cubase VSTis) is recorded in the config file or perhaps the registry??

Does anyone know where this info is and how to edit? I would like to point all Cubase VSTis on both installs to the same sound locations.


Bump! :smiley:

Still wondering if anyone has an answer to this.

If I only knew where Cubase stored this info for it’s own apps I;m sure I could edit it . . .


Just posting to keep your hopes alive, really, as I’ve done some digging around this subject too. I presume you know where everything is but just want to get things looking at it.

Just off the top of the head (I’ve just done an upgrade to C6 and I’ve no intention of experimenting on it just yet, sorry) but can you do this by setting the locations in the MediaBay tree?

Looking in the registry I see 2 paths you might find useful under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steinberg\VST Sound but these may be better set elsewhere.

Not much in the registry these days, is there? I would also suggest having a look through the XML files in your preferences folders.

Hope that’s some help.


I was trying to do this today with C5, by changing a registry entry that may not even be used, and changing entries in XML files - no luck.

There’s another way, simple and it works! (for C5, probably the same for C6)

mklink is a DOS command in Windows 7 and Vista that will create symbolic links to folders or files. First move the contents of the VST Sound folders to another drive. I moved all content from my user profile area and in the hidden C:\ProfileData folder.

Open a command prompt at the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content folder after moving (not just copying) VST Sound, then enter this command; change the drive letter if needed:

mklink /d “VST Sound” “D:\VST Sound”

Now do the same for VST Sound and HALionOne SoundBanks folders in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content:

mklink /d “VST Sound” “D:\VST Sound”
mklink /d “HALionOne SoundBanks” “D:\VST Sound\HALionOne SoundBanks”

The symbolic links will look like shortcuts in an Explorer window, but they are not really “.lnk”-type shortcuts. Cubase sees them as ordinary folders.

Should be as simple as enabling Mediabay to scan the the folders you moved the content to. HalionOne has a feature to Locate Content by right-clicking the GUI.

I’d be interested to know how this turns out. I didn’t know about mlink (good tip, I shall remember it) but it does seem a little heavy-handed for something that should just work. The little voice in my head tells me the problem is elsewhere.

Have you emailed support?