How to check if USB-eL is de-registered before buying second hand?

Hi there,
I’m about to buy a USB-eLicenser with Cubase Pro 11. I will meet the seller in person, so I have the chance to check the dongle before I hand over the money.

But how can I check if the eL is correctly de-registered by the seller?

Looking into the eL control Center I see the SerNo of the eL and the licenses which are stored but cannot find any info whether the stick is registered or not.
To prepare I crosschecked with an eL which I already have and which is registered. Moreso in the Control Center the menu “Registration” is available inspite the fact that it IS ALREADY registered.

Any advice?


Follow the How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard) article, please.

Thank you, Martin!
I am aware of that wizard. But that is the procedure for the SELLER. I wonder if there is a possibility for me as a BUYER to check that the de-registration was done properly.

As I read from other postings I will get an error message during my registration process as the new owner in case the eL is still registered to the former owner. But I would like to make sure beforehand so I won‘t run into trouble.



I’m not aware of any. You can ask the previous owner to send you a screenshot from his MySteinberg account, where you could see all eLicensers.

Thank you, Martin!

I know I‘m getting picky now :face_with_monocle: but what if the seller has two accounts and is presenting me the one with no registered eL ?
Or if he/she fakes the screenshot? :scream:

My above comment is not meant to be answered. I just thought that it would have been nicer if there would be an info in the Control Center - like a flag or something - which licenser is registered :white_check_mark: or not :x:.

Well, let‘s see what the upcoming licensing technology will bring to us… :wink:

You’re meeting the seller in person, so you can simply register the USB key to your account when you meet in person, before you give them the cash. Very simple.

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