How to clear/reset track version ID counter history??? (for creation of template)

How does one reset the track version ID history list counter so that it starts back at 1, 2, 3, etc? Mine is going from 1 and then starting at 50 on the next track version which will potentially cause problems if not just be confusing.

Anyone? Really needing to finalize this Template!


anyone know if this was facilitated in C11?


Still the same in Cubase 11.

Why that bothering you? “Assign Common Version ID” and “Select Track with same version ID” is all you need actually, I made key commands for both and its easy to navigate/change/batch-rename etc track versions. Especially handy when you have few variations in the project and want to easily switch between. When you name Track version, ID number you referring to is pretty much irrelevant IMHO.

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why does having trackversions start at 61 bother me?

To be sure I understand u right, what starts with 61? “Track Version Name” or “Track Version ID” ?
If it’s ID than you shouldn’t bother with that since it’s just number which determine “group” of the track version. It’s relevant when you have multiple channels and you assign track versions on them in able to switch between versions on multiple tracks you have to “group” every version under the same “Track Version ID” In the end let’s say u have 3 tracks of violins and you have 2 track versions (Minor V and Major V) so Version Minor have to be assigned same “Track Version ID” across 3 channels, same for Version Major. You probably know all of this but let’s not make confusion.

Yeah the problem is, it’s just annoying and confusing and there needs a better way to manage TrackVersion IDs. If I’ve deleted all track versions in the project, why does it make sense for them to continue starting at 61 or whatever?

it at the very least needs to be reset when saving a template

I’ve figured the only way to get all these reset, is to create a new project and recreate the template by importing all the tracks as a starting point… Something have to be redone by hand though, like Project Workspaces although i may be able to transfer them by resaving them as Global.

resetting track versions should at the very least be an option when ‘Save As Template’, with a warning that data on inactive trackversions will be deleted in the new template.

This is still an issue in C11.0.30 as i just ran into a situation where one track had a different ID even though they had the same version number. If there is only v1 version the ID is not even visible. It should at least be shown because in this case it wouldn’t select all of the tracks like I wanted.

Could Cubase at least always display the ID.