How to combine multiple instruments/players into a single part?

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I need your assistance here. Thank to those of you who are going to give me a hint! :slight_smile:
I’m preparing an oratory scores for performance and the conductor asked me to combine the whole percussion parts into a single one, which can be given to the percussionists in order to give them an opportunity to follow each other’s parts. I need something like a conductor score for the percussion instruments, but including the Tacet in the movements where these instruments aren’t performing.
Is it possible such thing to be done in Dorico Pro 5?

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

I would try making a new “score” layout, checking all percussion players and all flows.
But I’m not at the computer at the moment, and might be wrong… :wink:


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I don’t think this is possible. Tacet will only appear if all players for a particular flow are silent.

Hi @YourMusic.Pro,
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It helped me to make it work. :slight_smile:

Setup Mode > Layouts (Create new Layout) > Include All Flows > Select all Percussion Instruments…

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Hi @Janus,
Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:
There are movements in the oratory without any percussion instruments. There I need the “Tacet
I was able to achieve what I need. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I misinterpreted the request. I thought that you had multiple percussionists and wanted to show tacet only for those who were not required for a particular flow.

I needed to achieve the following:

Now all percussion are within a single Part Layout. :slight_smile: