How to communicate with VST

I am new to VST development so please bear with me if this question seems a bit general.
I have a working custom designed PIC based external controller from which I want to be able to communicate with some VST based control panels which I am developing. My PIC is programmed in C. At the moment the external interface to/from the PIC Controller is MIDI.
I am trying to find a good explanation within the Steinberg SDKs as to the correct comms protocol which I will need to use to send instructions to/from my PIC Controller and the VST virtual control panels.
So e.g. I want to send an instruction from my PIC to the VST to change the setting of a rotary control.
I would very much appreciate if someone could point me to the best tutorial covering this topic.

I don’t know any tutorial on this specific topic. If you use as host Cubase for example you could map the MIDI cc to VTS3 parameters by using the remote control feature

I’m using Cakewalk which has some documentation for its own API but the documentation is quite limited. I’ll have a read of the Steinberg MIDI remote documentation which should be useful context. Thanks.