How to compare in wavelab 8 elements ?

I have an audiofile f1. :slight_smile:

I can ad some plugins p1 to f1 that is p1(f1).
I can also put some other plugins p2 to f1 that is p2(f1).

Now I wonder what is best p1(f1) or maybe p2(f1) is even better. :confused:

I can test this in any DAW. I put p1(f1) on the first track which I also mute.
Then I put p2(f1) on the second track (not mute).

Then I Go into my listening room with my mouse
(with extra long cable and disabeled so just click don’t move)
and away from computers and monitors.
Now I can solo the first track back and forth.

How do I do this in Wavelab 8 elements.

( I know how to edit and do noise reduction in wavelab 8 elements
and that is why I bought it and it works very well for me.
But I also want to test at least this first step into mastering also
and I just can’t get starting mastering :frowning: .)


As far as I know, Wavelab uses Exclusive Solo only, meaning it can’t do the solo mode you’re talking about, toggling one button on one track to switch between tracks. Maybe someone else can think of a method that would allow it to do what you want with one button, but I can’t.

Ok … ?

Strange if I can not do this basic and fundamental “mastering test” :open_mouth:

Samplitude (both pro and studio)
are very good because there is no clicks when you go between p1(f1) and p2(f1).

Magix Samplitude
Probably the best sound in the world. :sunglasses:

You can do the mastering test, using Exclusive Solo as one would normally do if seated at the keyboard with mouse and monitor, as nearly all mastering is done. If extension is needed it’s usually complete kvm to a machine room. Your use of the alternate solo mode because of the lack of direct visual and tactile I think is very unusual. Also, mastering apps tend to use alternate solo modes less.
And I think Wavelab sounds just as good as Samplitude.

But having said all that (sorry for my negativity), I think it would be a useful feature request for alternate solo modes, but primarily if the button could be toggled on a shortcut key on the keyboard (rather than a mouse that can move). I think key switching is very useful when doing A-B comparisons since it’s instantaneous and doesn’t require the need to see what you’re doing on a screen, or re-position the mouse, etc. i’ve asked for similar with an I/O monitor button on montage tracks.

Doing a forum and Google search I’ve found no past requests for changes in the Wavelab Solo function, but it seems it wouldn’t hurt if it could be done.