How To Completely Un-Install Cubase ?

cant find the answer anywhere,
I’m trying to do a clean re-install of cubase,
I did uninstall with windows uninstaller,
but upon re-installing all the previous settings and “recent projects” were remembered by cubase,
so obviously that wasnt c lean re-install

If not completely deleted after the re-installation which always happens because trails of programs leave their mark not detected by the initial Cubase installer. Check below directories and remove these manually if they still exist. And always restart after removing directories like these before proceeding with other activities:

c:\Program Files\Steinberg
c:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg

Thank you, what about registry keys ?

Open regedit and search for ‘Steinberg’ and ‘Cubase’. But I wouldn’t be to worried about those. Once the data paths are gone it won’t address these keys anymore.

Before deleting folders manually, use the full installer and when the list of packages appears, select each one from the list and click the “Uninstall” option from the right side. You need to do this one by one. Then click on “Next” and finally on “Install”. Most of the files will be unregistered from the system.

Yes of course, first run the uninstaller to remove ‘most’ directories and files! But it will most likely leave the directories where files have been added/created that the uninstaller is not aware of because they were added later. If you want to completely start fresh and reinstall everything from Steinberg you can remove the mentioned directories and registry keys that the uninstaller didn’t remove. But be careful if you want to keep certain parts of Steinberg installations like plugins, vsti’s or maybe configuration files. If you’re not sure then just leave them.

Modifying or deleting registry keys is something only advanced users should do. I would never recommend that because it isn’t necessary to touch the Registry Editor.

Yes, I fully agree! If you don’t know exactly what you can or can’t delete from the registry it’s beter to leave it. Especially If you’re planning a re-installation these keys will be recreated anyway?