How to Configure Groove Agent with Roland TD30 Vdrum control

I have a Roland TD-30 Vdrum kit and would like to trigger the sounds in Groove Agent with it.
I’m currently using Cubase 8.5 and the version of Groove Agent that comes with it. No additional versions have been purchased.

I would like to know the easiest way to map my vdrum pads to a sound in GA, but the most important part is getting the Hi Hat to map properly…Open, Mid Setting, Closed, Bell, etc.

I can already record my midi data from the Vdrum kit and it plays back thru the TD-30 brain fine. I would like to create a matching kit in Groove Agent, so that I can edit without using the TD-30 for playback, and just use GA for playback. The drum sounds don’t have to be perfectly matched with the TD-30, just as long as the tom rolls, snare, bd, ride and bell and cymbal crashes are accurately timed. The Hi Hat is the big problem, since there are so many different settings.

Is there a template already created that can be downloaded to match the pads to the correct input for GA?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Chad Jenkins

set a MIDI-Note on-command for a note( for example C3) to any pad, so when you push or smash on the pads, it´ll triggering a note inside the program on a MIDI-or an Instrument-track, and so the Groove Agent get this signals from your interaction.

Thanks for the info. Toms/cymbal/snare/bd all seem to work fine.

Hi hats are the problem.
Do you know how to setup the hihat from the Vdrums? That’s been the most trouble, since the commands from that trigger are not just open/close.


Sorry for the delay, was banned two weeks from this blog. you want the difference between closed and open hi-hat on the same pad, since i ´ve understood right. If you got a good Sampler or Drum-Pad-Plug-In, You can assign a hi-hat worth to related velocity-value (how much you push at the pads in strenght). in this way you can assign a velocity-worth until 64 to closed and velocity-worths over 64 til 128 (because it´s MIDI) to open hi-hat? Maybe this would be a little helpful, i don´t know. Do you got a hi-hat pad on your VDrums?

Has anyone successfully mapped VDrums TD30 in Grove agent? If so can you please post the file?

I cant believe that Steinberg did not map the most popular electronic drum kit (and others for that matter) and mapping it correctly is a laborious task.

Anyone have a map file that works they can share?



Did you ever solved that? We are planning to do a recording session with TD-25 Kit and want to use GA4.
Anyone who successfully mapped the open/Close Signal of HiHats?

something new here? Does somebody have a mapping for a TD-25 and wants to share it?


nobody using GA4 with a Roland e-drum? Of course you can map the single sounds on your own, but the big problem is the hi-hat or the chokes. How to do that? Unfortunately Steinberg doesn’t provide mappings for the most used e-drums like other drum-editors do.

I have the same issue attempting to use 2Box Drumit 5. Reply from Steinberg support - working on it. That was 3 months ago.

Did any one find a solution to the Roland V Drums Hi Hat issue?
I am trying to get my Roland HD-3 to work as a midi controller for Groove Agent 5 SE with no luck. I need a map for the HD-3. Does anyone have one that they have configured that I can use with Groove Agent 5? It’s very frustrating not being able to use the drums properly…

Well, finally here comes the answer to such hihat issues! (as I think you’ll wait for ages for Steinberg’s e-drumming fixes):

(BTW playing the GA SimonPhillips-Packs is a high end sound experience and it is absolutely worth to get GA to work with (Roland) e-drum hardware without hihat issues …)

I’ve developed a midi workaround within the hosts [Cubase , Bidule , AbletonLive]: With it you can play the variable hihat without GA processing any CC data! So this will stop any unwanted behaviour (sth. like the pedal “chick” or in other words fully closing the controller won’t mute an open sound) and sound artefacts (that occurrs or can be noticed when closing the hihat quite slowly: because the open-closed-stages are also triggered only by CC-data without any notes).

Of course you can customize “my” variable hihat and determinate the open-(or closed-)stage for any pedal positon (module’s CC input value) and/or skip stages you don’t want…

I’ll share my workaround and will give support for it via internet for a donation. So if you are interested let me know by PM.

I read Steinberg is working on it, love to have a map for my Roland TD 12, any TD map wil do I think,