How to connect a mixer to an audio interface?

I just purchased a MSI CX61 2P 499US laptop. It should arrive within a week. But I have a question about connecting my mixer from church to an interface, and recording the sermon.

Here’s the exact setup:
1- Beringer PMP 3000 powered Mixer
1- Shure BLXR SM58 Wireless Mic system
4 - Sennheiser e835 wired mics

Mixer inputs/outputs:
8- Mic inputs (just using one BLXR SM58 , and using four e835)
–using BLXR SM58 for the sermon/pastor and using the e835’s for praise singers
CD/Tape input and output (was using a Tascam CD Recorder, until someone broke it)
Speakon jack (using for FOH speakers)
Main Out #1, two unbalanced 1/4 jacks (not using)
Main Out #2, two unbalanced 1/4 jacks (not using)
Monitor #1, one balanced 1/4 jack (using)
Monitor #2, one balanced 1/4 jack (not using)
Mono out, one balanced 1/4 jack, for a Sub (not using)
Insert out, two unbalanced 1/4 jacks (using for a dbx 1231 dual EQ)

Question 1a and 1b: Which software would provide the minimum features to record this event? Also which software would provide the most ideal recording?
Question 2: Can I record the sermon using the MSI CX61 2P laptop, an interface, the mixer, and wireless mic?
Question 3: If I can record, what would be the best method to connect these components?

You description lacks one vital piece of hardware: An audio interface. I’m not that acquainted with your laptop, it may have Audio Input connectors that you could use in a pinch. However, computers built in audio interfaces are regularly of pretty poor quality, so I’d recommend that you invest in an external one. If you only will record two channels (which your description hints at), a relatively simple one like this one could serve you well:

If you need to record multiple channels simultaneously, thje prices obviously goes up:

Up to three MR816’s can be daisy-chained together, giving you a total of 48 (16 analog & 16 digital) inputs.

This is an unusual question. Most would have asked for the maximum features. Anyway, if all you want to do is making stereo (or mono) recordings of your sermons, I would recommend a Stereo recorder such as WaveLab. You won’t have any use of the multitrack recording capabilities of Cubase.

WaveLab Elements 8 would probably be a good choice. It’s inexpensive, but I believe it will cover your needs:
You can download a trial version here:

Yes. Provided that the receiver for the mic does have an output volume knob, you won’t even need a mixer.

  1. Connect the mic-receiver to an interface input. Either directly or through a mixer.
  2. Connect the interface to the computer or install the driver software. Some manufactures require you to connect the interface before installing the drivers, while others require that you do it the other way around. Consult the operations manual for the interface, for the correct procedure.
  3. Install and launch WaveLab Elements (or whatever recording software you will use).
  4. Before you can record anything, you must tell WLE about your audio interface and where you want the recorded audio to end up (as well as file format). Again, consult the operations manual for the correct procedure(s).

Hope this helps to get you going. Good luck.

Thanks Svenne, this sounds great. As soon as my laptop arrives, I’m heading down to Guitar Center to purchase an interface. Thanks for supplying a variety of examples of interfaces, it gives my the needed information to get the ideal one based on my current needs.

I agree, asking for the least featured software was unusual. I only asked to see which software provided the minimum performance, so I could budget for at least that one. I plan on growing in both the software/hardware knowledge and experience of using DAWs, which means I will purchase more featured/higher quality software and hardware in the future.

Thanks Again!


If you go with a basic Steinberg interface such as the UR22, you’ll find it comes with Cubase Ai6 software included.
This will be fine for your needs and there is an upgrade path to other Cubase versions later on if you need more.

Depending on your technical ambitions, recording just a stereo sum of the mixer should not be a problem even with only the laptop´s onboard soundcard and any free recording software.

Ok. Thanks for the info. on the UR22.

You are right. Based on my current needs that may accommodate my situation. One reason I’m considering a Steinberg product, is the enormous support I recognize within its community/users. If I run into problems, it looks like a have a wealth of support to tap into.