How to connect Behringer UMC22 to Cubase 11 Elements?

Hi all,

How do I configure Cubse 11 to use the UMC22 as an input source?

My old system had several MAUdio 1010LT cards which provided 24 individual channels - great for recording live to lots of separate channels.

However I’ve had to replace that PC and, as a test, have bought a Behringer UMC22 USB audio interface. I thought this should give me a new input to record from but nothing shows up in Cubase when I create a new recording track.
I can see it in the Studio Setup/Control Panel and the Input and Output are toggled ON, but there is nothing for this in the Audio Connections dialog.

For info, I am using ASIO4ALL v2. Perhaps that’s wrong.

I’d be hugely grateful for any pointers on how to set this little DI Box up for Cubase.



Haha - solved it by myself. Am leaving the answer here for the benefit of any other people who stumble over this.

The solution is to turn ON the entire device in Studio Setup/Control Panel. There is a power switch next to the USB device name (TI PCM … in this screen shot) which defaults to OFF so unless you turn this ON it really doesn’t matter what you set the channel switches to.




Hi Ian,
are you sure you need Asio4All? Doesn’t the UMC22 provide an Asio driver itself? Asio4All, as far as I understand is only to provide an Asio driver for audio interfaces that do not have an Asio driver themselves.

Yep, he needs it : the UMC22, as well as a lot of Behringer interfaces, it seems, are relying on ASIO4All to be usable with Cubase. No dedicated ASIO driver available for this unit…