How to connect extra speaker to UR44 USB audio interface?

Hi there,
I wanna create a second monitor configuration by adding a single “mix cube” (Auratone 5C Active) to my UR44 USB audio interface.
I already have 2 speakers (Mackie HR 624) connected to main outputs R and L.
But when I try to connect Auratone 5C to line output 2, the sound level is so high that I can’t work with it. (I know that line level is the most powerful level of sound compared to mic and instr levels) . When I connect it to line output 3 or 4, I have no sound.
What should I do ?

And then, how can I easily switch from Mackies to Auratone without a controller ?

Somebody can help ?

Mac OS 10.14.6
Logic Pro X

In dspmixfx, click the icon Mix2 top right, then push the DAW slider up to hear the sound in outputs 3/4.

Tank’s for your answer strummer.
But the problem is : when I turn on dspMixFx, I get a “no device found” message, though my DAW, UR44, keyboard and speakers are all connected and on.

You have to have the Yamaha/Steinberg USB driver installed.

Can you verify it’s installed, and that whatever special permissions needed for the driver on MacOS have been accepted?

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Steve, I can see a “YAMAHA-USBMIDIDriver.plugin” and a “YamahaSteinbergUSBMIDI.plugin” installed in Library>Audio>MIDI Drivers (Mac).

Please read carefully, visit the link provided to do some research, and try to answer the questions in the previous posts

I did read carefully but I don’t understand what “special permissions” you talk about.
I used “TOOLS for UR44 V2.0.0.pkg” from the Steinberg UR44 CD of installation. All the components, included Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver, have been successfully installed and I was not asked or warned about special permissions.
That’s why I thought dspMixFx was ready to work…
Here is the starting message of the CD :
" This program will install the following components :
- Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver
- Steinberg UR44 Applications
* Steinberg UR44 Extension
* Steinberg dspMixFx UR44
- Basic FX Suite
* Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip (VST Plug-in)
* REV-X (VST Plug-in)
* Guitar Amp Classics (VST Plug-in) "
Anyway, thank’s for the link, I’m gonna visit it and try to find some help.