How to connect MIDI controller CC1 to VST3 Internal Parameter - Solved

How can I connect MIDI CC1 to a specific internal parameter of a VST3 MIDI-plugin (not an instrument). I have looked at Track Quick Controls, VST Quick Controls, Generic Remote Page, but have not been able to figure it out. Is there an easy way?

My comments in normal font below:

From the “Cubase Operation Manual”:

VST Quick Controls become powerful if you use them together with a remote controller.
With “Remote controller” I assume any MIDI controller.

The MIDI output on your remote unit is connected to a MIDI input on your MIDI interface.

1. Select Studio > Studio Setup.

2. In the Devices list, select VST Quick Controls.

3. Open the MIDI Input pop-up menu, and select a MIDI input.
I select “All Inputs”

4. Optional: Open the MIDI Output pop-up menu, and select a MIDI output.
The available inputs are:
“Not connected”
“Microsoft GS wavetable Synth”
“WamiRack 192 MIDI”
“Plugin Track: Insert 1. Plugin MIDI input”

Neither of these will go to the plugin’s internal parameter that I want to control. So I choose “Not Connected”

5. Click Apply.
I can’t click Apply because “Apply” is greyed out.

6. Activate Learn.
I check the “Learn” box.

7. In the Control Name column, select QuickControl 1.

8. On your MIDI device, move the control that you want to connect with the first quick control.
I assume “device” is referring to the Plugin I want to connect MIDI CC1 to. However, I cannot move the Plugin Parameter knob because it is outside the dialog box and the only thing happening is that the dialog flickers. I click the Plugin Parameter knob nonetheless.

Maybe “device” refers to the controller? The Quickcontrol highlighted on top of the list says: “MIDI Channel 1, Address 1”, so it would be strange to assign the controller’s MIDI Channel 1, MIDI CC 1 to the highlighted “MIDI Channel 1, Address 1” but I am trying everything, and touch the controller’s MIDI CC 1 wheel.

9. Select the next slot in the Control Name column and repeat the previous steps.
I only want to assign MIDI CC 1 to one parameter in the plugin so I skip this step.

10. Click OK.
I click OK.

The VST Quick Controls are now connected with control elements on your MIDI device. If you move a control element, the value of the parameter that is assigned to the corresponding VST Quick Controls changes accordingly.

I touch the controller MIDI CC 1 wheel and a small knob in the Kontakt instance in the right corner of the Cubase interface is turning. This Kontakt instance is on a different track than the Plugin. No reaction from the Plugin parameter interface control.

I go through the procedure twice more and select: “WamiRack 192 MIDI” and “Plugin Track: Insert 1. Plugin MIDI input” without any change in result The “Apply button is still greyed out, no matter what I do.”

In the Quick Control panel for the track with the VST3 MIDI Plugin, I select: Ins. > 1 > My Plugin > the Plugin Parameter. The Plugin parameter is now listed in the Quick Controls window for the Plugin track.

Nothing that I do will make the “Apply” button in the Studio Control dialog for VST Quick Controls anything else than greyed out.

Is there an easy way to do this that I am missing? I only want to assign MIDI CC 1 to a parameter in the plugin.

This issue has been resolved.