How to connect Midi Oxygen 61 to Cubase

How can I simply use my M-Audio Oxygen 61 Faders to control expression and dynamics in VSTs (for example from Spitfire) in Cubase?

Please, could anybody help me? I tried to find a solution for hours. Nothing works, no mapping, no CC learn, … just nothing. The Midi keyboard is connected to Cubase and working fine to play notes, but all other controls are useless right now.

There’s two ways to do this:

  1. Either you create a MIDI remote and connect the faders to the VST parameters of expression and dynamics, IF they are visible. (either through Quick controls, or plug-in parameters)

  2. Or, you program your oxygen, so that your faders send out CC1, CC13, CC21 (you will have to consult each instrument’s manual, and see what CC messages they expect. And then you just play and move the faders. The CC will be recorded in the track, together with the notes.

Edit: If you do BOTH at the same time, you must create a page in the MIDI remote in which the faders will not have assignments, so that the MIDI messages can reach the track. Once you make an assignment, the MIDI remote consumes the CC message.