How to connect roland TD-3


Im very new to Cubase and wondering how i can record mini from my Roland TD-3 (drums) with in/out midi cable since it doesnt have USB. I can hear the drums in the headphones but not record any midi. please help i can not see eaither that drum sound come out of Cubase 7.

i have connected TD-3 (Midi out) ==> Soundcard (Midi in),
and Soundcard (Midi out) ==> TD-3 (Midi in)

i will appreciate any help…

did you route everything right, in the VST-Connections under the device-menu? did you created a midi-track and selected for the actual moment the all-MIDI-inputs-option as input-bus at the route-section in the inspector of this chosen MIDI-track?

Thanx for the response,

i´m sure that i have not done everything right :slight_smile:

  1. VST connections should be right because i can already record audio and hear everything that goes into the soundcard. maybe i must do something for the Midi?

  2. i have created VST from Devices==>VST connection and than picked EZ-drummer and Cubase ask me if i want to create Midi track assigned to plugin EZdr… ==> Yes i push Create

  3. i right click in cubase and I Add Midi Track.

Now i can see in project window: a)VST Instruments (EZdrummer) and EZ1. b)EZdrummer c)Midi 02

I also in b)EZdrummer picked input routing:All Midi inputs and output routin: EZdrummer
and c) Midi 02 picked the same as b).

I can here the drums but from here i have no idea what to do next.

I have managed to fixi it…my Midi port under Device setup was off :slight_smile: everything works…