How to connect UR44 to Android C type connection for cubasis 3 use

Hi cubasis users
just installed cubasis 3 for android on my phone.
is there a way to connect UR44 which is usb 2 connection to my android phone which is Type-C connection ?

Edit: after some search got this product, should this do the job ?

If it’s the (older) UR44 then that looks like the right cable.

The newer UR44C takes the USB-C connector, like your phone.

I have found that getting a cheap USB-C hub (something like this: ) is useful. With this, you can connect your interface with your existing cables, and have additional ports available for a MIDI controller, mouse, keyboard etc. Worth noting that your phone has to be in OTG mode when connecting the interface - on every Android device I’ve tried it doesn’t appear to be possible to charge the device while in OTG mode. So ensure your phone battery is fully charged and power your UR44 externally to maximise battery life.