How to connect wireless headset (Astro A50 / A50 Basestation) with UR824 digital I/O ADAT

Hello everyone,

I really could need some help as I am slowly getting more and more frustrated.
Long story short: I want to connect my basestation of my wireless Astro A50 headset to my UR824 interface via the optical TOSlink cable, so I can send sound from my interface to my headset (and later on also from my headset mic to my interface).
What I tried so far is connecting the optical cable from the ADAT (A) Output to the A50 basestations’ OPT/IN input, so it receives the audio. Unfortunately all I hear are undefineable crackling noises.

I tried testing it with Cubase and also the normal dspMixFx app, e.g.:
For simplicity, I connected my other mic with an XLR cable into my interface and, as usual, seeing a visual feedback in the mix app (visual audio signal on both analog-in channel and Master output of Mix 1). Same goes for playing music/sound on Windows, selecting my interface as the audio output device (visual feedback in the mix app on DAW and Master of Mix 1).
To be 100% sure I also plugged in headphones into the phones port of the interface and could hear the Windows sound and my microphone just fine.
The wireless headset on the other hand just send me, if any, very distorted noises, as if I didn’t set it up properly.

To make sure the base station doesn’t have any hardware issues, I also plugged in the optical cable directly in my PCs’ motherboard and hearing the sound just fine again, so I assume the output signal of the interfaces ADAT Out is not correct and as my technical audio knowledge is rather basic, I might be missing something here.
As for the output routing, I selected “Mix 1 L/R” in the ADAT (A) OUT 1/2 and hope that my understanding is correct, that it sends the master output of Mix 1 to the Optical A output (please correct me if I’m wrong here)

Are there other things, I need to do in order to make it work? Does it even work in the first place?
Any help would be highly appreciated :heart:

ADAT is not S/PDIF. These are different things.

I tested it in the S/PDIF digital mode. This gave me the weird distorted noises.

You are absolutely correct, this is indeed how it works, and you should now hear the sound in your headphones (provided Optical A is set up as S/PDIF) . Here is what my UR824 settings and mixer looks like, and wyoutube plays fine through optical, as does cubase and other DAWs.

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Thanks for the screenshots. That definitely helped a lot, even though it’s unfortunately almost identical to my settings. At least some relief that I’m not entirely wrong in my thinking :smile:

Oh… but well, never mind. Right now while typing this reply, I checked the control panel settings again. Seems like the base station doesn’t support sample rates above 44.1 kHz.
Setting the interfaces sample rate to 44.1 kHz fixed the problem and it’s now working absolutely fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the kinda indirect support :smile:

That´s great, glad you found the problem:)