How to connect Yamaha DGX-660 to Steinberg UR44?


I am going to buy Steinberg UR44 soon for recording purposes.
I own Yamaha DGX-660 Portable Grand (digital piano)
but I wonder how to connect it to an audio interface properly.

On most setup diagrams digital instrument has two outputs (probably left and right line out), but Yamaha DGX-660 has only one stereo output labeled “PHONES/OUTPUT”.

As I understand after reading manual I need to plug instrument’s output into two audio interface inputs (3&4 or 5&6).
How should I approach it? Can I use cable consisting of one stereo 1/4" TRS jack (keyboard output) and two mono 1/4" TS jacks (audio interface inputs)?

Thanks for help!

Yes you can do it that way, just be aware, that plugging a Jack into the phones output, might mute the speakers on the DGX 660.

As far as I know I can set whether I want phones to mute speakers or let them play when plugged in.

Great stuff, thank you very much! :wink: