How to consistntly make cubase create new "part instances" of a copied part on the same track?

How do you make cubase ask to create a new “instance” of a sound part in one track ?

I sometimes need source tempos to be different from the other part instance, when I copy a part (clip, to somewhere further in the track, cubase doesn’t always ask if it should be a new “instance” where I can configure its own properties.

If I copy one part to a next measure in the same track, and I change something like source tempo, it will change it in the previous part as well. That’s what I want to avoid.

It does sometimes ask me to make a new instance when I process sound in one part/clip, but for some types of projects I’d like it to ask consistently, how do you solve this ?


Cubase asks this, if you do any change on the source audio. For example any Direct Offline Process.

If you want to always make a new version, enable it in the Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Processing Shared Clips: Create New Version.