How to contact suport?

Hello, I cannot see anyway to contact support from my account. I am trying to register or activate the basic FX suite that comes with the UR44. It was activated before but I had to replace my hard drive. I am not sure of the process. I did use the reactivate feature and put in my old activation code for the FX suite but it gave me a new code for Cubase Ai (which I also own) but not the FX suite.

I cannot work out at all what to do now. It seems there is no support available other than articles from my account and I have to come here to ask what to do, can anybody help?


You do this from your My Steinberg pages. It is very easy. I did so a couple of days ago.


Magnus, it is not “easy” at all.

I have no basic FX showing in my account anymore and no way to authorize it. Please, are there any support people at all that I can contact to resolve this, I am unable to continue with my projects as I cannot authorize my FX suite that I legitimately own. Thanks.

The FX suite was authorized on the soft elicenser then I had to reformat the hard drive. To re-authorize, I went to the my steinberg page, put in my old activation code and it came up with the old soft elicenser number with both the Cubase AI and Basic FX suite. So far so good, now it may be that at this stage you are supposed to select both before proceeding or something, I don’t know. I pressed continue and it generated only the Cubase AI new activation codes (which I don’t want as I have Cubase Pro). It didn’t generate the Basic FX suite activation code. What it seemed to do was destroy the old soft elicenser number with the Basic FX suite on it, so I cannot find the Basic FX suite anywhere in my account and cannot register it as I have no new activation code for it. Annoying because the UR44 relies on the basic FX suite so I can’t use the hard ware in the way it is supposed to be used.

What I need is for someone in support to generate a new activation code for me for the basic FX suite, I cannot see anyway around this since I do not have a new activation code and there is nothing in my account relating to the Basic FX suite and I see no way to re-register it.

It is not possible for me to contact any human being in Steinberg. I am in Australia. If I click My Support in my Steinberg account it directs me to a local distributers page. On that page, the only option directs me back to My Steinberg page, just goes round in a circle, If I click “my requests” I am logged out immediately. That’s hilarious! you request support and are immediately logged out of your account. I cannot lodge a my request either.

Therefore my only option is to come to this forum.

The only other option I can see is to post a letter directly to Steinberg from Australia, there really is no other way to contact them.

Even on their home page there is no “contact us” page. It says there “talk to a real human” but when I click that I am directed to a page where the only option is USA only support, below that it says “submit a ticket”. When I click that, I am directed back to My Steinberg page with no options to contact anyone. Just keeps going around in circles but unable to actually contact anyone.

Hello, I have the same problem, I’m in Spain. There is no help contact. The only thing there is a telephone number that works from 10 to 12. Call 11:30 made me wait until 11:50 and they told me it was out of the hours of attention. Please alguin know some way to contact them?
Thank you

Sorry to hear that gurdoma, I don’t know what to say. I’ve been using DAW’s and all the associated third party addon’s for 30 years or more but I’ve never encountered anything like this. There is just no way to contact a human being Steinberg staff member no matter how many times or where you ask. Whether in my account or on this forum, they just don’t respond.

It’s incredibly disrespectful, to be honest I still cannot believe it is happening. I was angry at first but I realize it is not my fault and therefore it is not right that I should experience bad or negative feelings. I feel totally and completely rejected, that is also a terrible feeling.

Don’t know what to do or say at the moment.

According to Steinbergs website, these are the countries where support is offered, Australia is not listed, that must be why I cannot get a support ticket going. Very odd, Steinberg cripples their support system for certain countries? Except for Canada, it is very eurocentric, why does Canada get a pass but not Australia?

Gurdoma, according to this, you should be able to generate a support ticket in your “My Steinberg” account if you are in Spain.

Email support

In the countries/regions listed below, we provide a support request form for registered users in MySteinberg.
Please check whether your product is currently supported by us!

Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)
United Kingdom and Ireland

Phone support

Steinberg support assistants are on hand to answer your queries by telephone. Here you can find more information on the available support resources depending on your country. Support can only be provided to registered users! Please check whether your product is currently supported by us!

Germany, Austria and Switzerland
United Kingdom and Ireland

Won’t this page let you post a request?

Thanks Grim, that may be exactly what I was looking for, tried to work out how you got there, under Steinberg support if I go to the distributors page, then under Australia there is a link to the Yamaha backstage website. I did visit this website but I didn’t see anything that could help, however, right at the bottom is a link to on-line support which then takes me to the page that you have found.

Good eyes my friend!

Thanks so much for getting me to this stage, I will try to post a request and see what happens.

Good luck!

A happy ending!

Thanks to Jarrod at Yamaha Backstage, the issue was resolved very quickly. Thanks to Grim for pointing me in the right direction. It turns out that there is support for users of Steinberg products in Australia.

Search for Steinberg—>click on—>on Steinberg’s site click “support”—>on support page, scroll down and click on the “contact” box—>on the next support page find this line at the bottom of the first paragraph titled “contact support” (line: “All other countries: please have a look at this page to find our local distributor responsible for support”)—>click on the “this page” hyperlink—>this takes you to the “distributers” page. On this page scroll down to find “Australia”, click on the “” hyperlink—>this takes you to another “Steinberg support” page on the yamaha backstage website—>on this page scroll right to the bottom to “6. Email support”—>click the “online support request” hyperlink on the line:“If you require further support, please lodge an online support request.”—>this then takes you to the form where you can submit your assistance request.

A bit strange that I can’t just submit a ticket from my account though as with pretty much every other DAW and third party sounds manufacturer that I know of.

I had hoped to be able to change the title of this thread to the one in this post so anyone else who might get stumped on this can find an answer but I am unable to do that.