How to control a quickcontrol with the pitchbend wheel

I´m sorry if this is the basic, but unfortunately I dont find a solution,
I´m trying to control a quickcontrol parameter with my pitchbend wheel.
Is there something like a “learn midi” function where I can turn a knob and assign an external controller i.e. the pitchbend?
I want to be able to control a filter cut from the tone2 bifilter simultaniously when pitching down or up via the pitch bend wheel.

Thanks for helping me out!

Open Devices > Device Setup. On the left side, select Track Quick Control. Select MIDI Input port, and enable MIDI Learn on the right. Send a MIDI data for the selected QuickControl, you want to assign. Or just select it from the list.

thanks for the respons!
Unfortunately I havent figured out how to send the Midi Data for the selected Quick Control? And or how, to select it from what list? Sorry, I´m totally lost!
Thanks again!

First of yll, you have to set the MIDI Input port. If I remember correctly, you have to click Apply button, after you select the MIDI port, to confirm it.

To select the Quick Control number, you want to assign the MIDI event, you can simply click on the relevant Quick Control name.

To enable the MIDI Learn mode, just check the “Learn” mark.

Well, I managed to set up the Midi Input Port in Device Setup, I just checked all Inputs, it’s receiving the data allright.
I also now how to use the learn mode, i.e. I set it to Learn and moved the filter, so I got it into the quick controls,
but I don’t know how to proceed from there. there is nothing like learn midi for this specific parameter? At least I can’t find it.

So now you have assigned the MIDI message to the Quick Control.

Now select the track, where you want to use it. Open plug-in window, of the plug-in, where you want to control the parameter. In the Inspector, open the QuickControls tab. Click the “L” button here, in the QuickControls. Click to the 1st QC slot (to select, you will assign the 1st QuickCOntrol), and move via mouse the paramet in the plug-in window, you want to control.

Switch Off the “L” button (Lear mode). Move the physical MIDI knob/slider/wheel, to change the value.

Now, I realised, where you could have a problem. The Pitch Bend message is not recognised by Quick Controls, and Generic Remote devices in general. So the Pitch Bend is marked as “Unknown” MIDI Status. Unfortunately, you can’t control Quick Controls via Pitch Bend.

ok, that explains why I cant find this… thanks!
Any Idea how I can tell cubase to learn what parameter I want to have controlled with what?
I know from Ableton for example, you can click on a button called midi, than play with whatever, a knob, the pitchbend or even a key and it will assign this to the parameter you want. Is there something similar in cubase?

thanks a lot!!!

Yes, there is something similar. You can define this in the Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote device. In the Devices Stup, click to the + button, and select Generic Remote from the list. You will get 2 tables.

The upper one, you will define the source (controller). You will use the MIDI Learn functionm the same way, I descibed abov. In the lower one, you are defining a destination (or function).

I´m sorry, I really appreciate your help, but I dont get it? I´m following your instructions, but I dont see where to select the pitchbend wheel and even further, how to tell cubase that my pitchbend is suppose to controll the filter of a third party plugin? Sorry if I´m too dumb here!

Pitchbend cannot be used to control parameters in Generic Remote or Quick controls. The reason is that the range of Pitch Bend (+8192 to -8192) midi messages do not correspond to the range of Controller midi messages (0 to127).

I’m sorry, it seems, my message about the Pitch Bend was not sent.

As SteveInChicago wrote, you can’t use Pitch Bend as a Generic Remote Deivce, it means, not even for Quick Controls. You have to use any standard MIDI CC for this.

Slightly OT, but I have always wished there were an Input Transformer for the GRD/Quick Controls, precisely to deal with cases such as this :wink:

HI, again OT - sorry - to vic :slight_smile:

I would suggest Steinberg provided a complete midi Routing from any source to any Destination within cubase, i.e. allow for example the Output of a midi track to be routed to any midi controller within cubase (e.g. quick controls)…

;o) Ernst

Well, thank you all for your help, so it seems I can’t use the pitchbend wheel for my purpose.
using another controller is not doing the trick, it’s about the feeling while playing, especially with pitchbend.
Sadly this is obviously not intended by Steinberg.
Well if anyone knows how to do a work around, I’m here :slight_smile:

Hi you,

are you on PC?
If yes, maybe Midi-OX can do the trick. I am not quite sure, but maybe?..

Cheers, Ernst

Three years later…) Yes, I khow the way to assign incoming pitchbend to Track Quick Controls, Generic Remote and (though I didn’t try it, but something tells me it’ll work) Vst Quick Controls. And yet I did it in Nuendo 8.3. Let me know if you still want it.