How to control automation with my keyboard mod wheel?

I created an automation track for a synth sound. I added a distortion effect to it (CamelCrusher) and assigned the automation to the Cutoff filter in the distortion effect. Now I want to be able to control and record the automation with the modulation wheel on my k2000 keyboard. Is there a way to do this, or am I only able to draw it?

Easy, just create a new track, set it to the same channel and record the modulation wheel separately. Plyy back both tracks. When you’ve got it right, pick up the modulation and drop it on the original track.

There are other ways too: you can record automation with the READ and WRITE buttons at any time, once you set it up in key editor

I’m still missing something here. When I move the modulation wheel around nothing happens. A big part of what I want is to be able to hear what I’m doing when I am moving the modulation wheel around. Is there some kind of special track I need to create? It seems like I need to go in somewhere and set up cubase to recognize my modulation wheel?

I don’t know about this “create a new track” idea. In the 10+ yrs I have used Cubase, I have never once done it that way. Why create a new track? Don’t you want the automation data on the same track as the note data?

How exactly did you go about assigning the automation to the Cutoff filter in CamelCrusher? Assuming it can accept the assignment (maybe it can’t?), you must have done something wrong. This is really easy in Kontakt; one mouse drag and you are done. You are then able to control and record the automation with the modulation wheel on your kbd; that automation is recorded to the MIDI ch’s automation lane. How is this done in CamelCrusher?

You should be able to do this using Quick Controls. Assign Mod Wheel to control one of your Quick Controls and then assign that quick control to whatever plugin parameter you want to automate.

How do I assign my mod wheel to the Quick Control?

go to the quick control panel … hit the L for learn and twiddle the mod wheel.

Darn. I tried that already and it didn’t work. I did it while I was on the automation track. Maybe I need to be on the track for the synth I’m using?

No, you need to be on the track you want to automate.

You probably haven’t added your controller to the quick controls list. Go to device setup. Under Remote Devices there is a quick controls section.

  1. I opened up an instance of HALIon4, and it automatically created a track for it.
  2. Played and recording a single note for 1 bar.
  3. opening up an automation track, and added CamelCrusher as an effect then on the automation track I chose Camelcrusher Cutoff filter (It defaults to “volume” when you open the first one, but you can click on it as assign it to anything on any effect you are using for the track)

Aha! I bet this is what I need to do. I’ll have to try it first thing when I get home today. Thanks!

You should really read the manual about quick controls. It has all this in there.

But, don’t do any setup on the Quick Control page in Device Setup. Just highlight control 1 and click the Learn Checkbox. Now wiggle the mod wheel. Uncheck Learn. Apply. Now any control in slot 1 will be controlled by the mod wheel.

That did the trick (that and starting the computer and Cubase with my keyboard already on…). Thanks!