How to control master channel inserts with Mackie Control?

Obviously you can only control volume for the master channel with the Mackie Control Universal in Cubase.

But in fact I would need switching on/off of INSERT effects in the master channel. I’d also be very happy to use the Function keys F1-F8 for this. Or do I really have to setup a group channel acting as “pseudo-master” before the “real” master channel? Any better ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi !

i don’t have an MCU at he moment, I use this but it works like an MCU.

If you enter Master mode, you get to the inserts for the master channel and once you have selected an effect, you can set it on/off (go to last parameter page, last parameter Vpot is for on/off).

I also implemented a Generic Remote script to use alongside the Mackie control and allowing you to open/close the effects windows without using the mouse (once you select a track, each push function of each Vpot opens/closes the effects inserted in the corresponding slot : Vpot1 for slot 1 and so on). It works for the master out, too.

Have a look at there and scroll down the page.