how to control plugins with my Access Virus TI

hellow fellow Cubazerz! :mrgreen:

does anybody know how to control a plugin like Spire or Serum or Retrologue etc with an Access Virus TI?

I got the Omnisphere 2.6 update, wiyh a function to use the TI as a controller for it.
It works really well :slight_smile:

What is the easiest way to acomplish this with other 3rd party plugins?

Ive googled and youtubed but its not really clear to me.

I get Quick Control can do this, but its only 8 controllers.
The TI has a knob and menu function for almost every aspect of most synths…so it would be cool to link all those in some kind of profile.

I saw a similar function in Studio One, im gonna try that out later this week.



So i tried the control setup in Studio One and it works pretty well…

But that program is waaaaaaay to complicated to learn for me hahaha

Does anybody know a similar way to setup external controllers to control vsti’s?