How to control the number of measures per line?

Currently once I reach the desired number of measures on a line I cant find a way to skip down ot the next line. How to a force the input on the line below, when I already have (4 measures for example) on one line?

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In Dorico SE and Dorico Elements you’ll find the “System Break” option on the Edit menu. In Dorico Pro you’ll find it in the left panel of Engrave mode (or it’s Shift-S but only works in Engrave mode).

It’s important to note that System Breaks push that rhythmic position onto the next system, so they typically need to be entered on the downbeat of a bar, not the final beat of the previous bar.

Oh, and Frame Breaks can be found in the same places (or Shift-F); most of the time they mean “start a new page”, but Dorico can do clever things with multiple Music Frames on a single page, hence the terminology is “Frame Breaks” rather than “Page Breaks”.

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