How to control two MIDI-Parameters with one controller?

Hello Community,

In some Patches of my library the CC1 is assigned to the timbre (dark or sharp) of the Instrument and CC11 is assigned to the volume.
Since I use the Breath Controller to control the sound, I’d like to make it control both CC11 and CC1 simultaneously to make louder notes sound sharper and the quiet ones sound darker.

Do you have an idea how this is to be done in Dorico?
If it’s not possible to use a MIDI Transformer-function as in Cubase,
perhaps there is a MIDI Transformer plugin standalone out there I could route between my USB-controller and the MIDI input of Dorico?
Or maybe there is another way to reach the goal…

Thxs a lot for any idea,
best, Roman


In Windows you can use the old but all powerful MIDI-OX to define a ‘Translation Map’ CC11-> CC1.
Or whatever controller your Breath Controller sends can be ‘translated’ to both CC1 and CC11.


if the two controllers are supposed to work in synch with the same values then you can simply “use secondary dynamic” in your Expression Map.

Hello Francesco,

that did it…
I used the tools “Midi-OX” and “LoopBe1”…
In Midi-OX I used a Translation Map to clone the CC11 data to CC1 and both of them are sent via “LoopBe1” as Output to the player/DAW/whatever…
Works absolutely fine!
Thxs a lot!

Glad it works!
With MIDI-OX one can do a lot of things, it’s programmable too!
Ciao dall’Italia