*How to convert 44.100khz to 48.000khz?

Hi, could you please tell me, how can i convert a 44.100khz music track to 48.000khz, but without affecting the audio pitch, tempo and quality?

*{I’ve already produced a track on 44.100khz in Cubase 10 Pro and I want to convert it to 48.000khz}.

Thank you!

Backup your project for safety, then open it and Ctrl-P to open the Pool window, right-click on the file and select Convert.

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Another way you could do is just start a new project in a different folder and run the project setup and set the sample rate to 48k and then import the 44.1k tracks and you will be asked if you want to convert them.

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Thank you a lot!

There is one more option: you can select the file then go to: audio>fx>resample. This will also change the sample rate (but probably change your pitch as well).
@garymusic : I think that also works if you remove your file from the project (delete in pool) and just import it again (import or drag/drop), right?