How to convert a Instrument Track to audio in a fast way?

I find the freeze function can create a audio file which can be imported back into cubase. But for the instrument tracks will large gaps (no midi events). The freezed audio can not be aligned with the midi event. It seems that some no-sound section is omitted to save the size of the freezed audio file.

If using the Audio MIxdown to export individual track, the fader and inserted effects are also printed in the audio file.

Is there any way to print a audio file from instrument track without any insert effect and fader/panner included?

I think “Render in Place” does this.

Render in place is absolutely the way to accomplish this.

Render in place, absolutely!!!

Jim B

Render in Place maybe…?

Definitely ‘Render in Place’. But there’s no ‘fast’ way to do this with external instruments. You have to do this real time. So if the track is 4 minutes long it will take 4 minutes to render the entire track. I makes sense, because you’re recording incoming audio. You also can’t ask a singer to do a 4 minutes song in less time than that? :slight_smile:

Accept when you’re rendering VSTi’. Then it will go a lot faster.