how to convert all(or selected) files in one go to MP3 ?WLE

i can’t figure how to convert all opened files …
let say i have 10 songs in wav format, and i want to convert all of them in one shot to MP3… is it possible with Wavelab Elements 8 ?

It looks like Wavelab Elements doesn’t have the batch processor that the full version has which would be my first suggestion.

The fastest way to do this in WL Elements that I can see is to load the WAV files into a montage. Add track splice markers at each file start, and then in the montage, render each defined “CD Track” region to mp3.

If you want to have the mp3 files tagged with metadata, you could enter the artist/song/album and other info as CD-Text in the montage and use the metadata features (I have a unique preset that does this) to automatically tag the mp3 files with metadata as well.

Use the Batch File Conversion tool.

Does Elements have the batch processor? The chart on the Steinberg site makes it look like Elements doesn’t have batch processor, only the full version is listed as having it.

Or is the Batch File Conversion tool something different?

Or is the Batch File Conversion tool something different?

Yes it is (a simplified batch, only for file conversion).

Thanks guys…
I mostly do my processing in cubase.
If the Bach conversion converts all selected files and keeps the file names its great…

would you mind telling me where it is and what’s the actual function name for it !!??
i really can’t find anything similar in the program or in the manual :unamused:

From WaveLab Elements 8.0.4
2015-05-21 17_20_35.png

strange… i dont have the batch file conversion function there… i have WLE8.0.3
need to update or somehow bring it to the Global menu ?

OK got it… the key was to update to 8.0.4… now i can see it :wink:
Thanks again