How to convert an audio drum loop to MIDI notes?

Hello! I am trying to find a solution how to convert an audio drum loop to MIDI notes. For example, I have 1 drum loop, which consists of several drums (kick, snares, hi-hats, crashes) this is only 1 file! I want to get MIDI from this audio loop to have the possibility to see the structure of this loop.

Do you know a way how can I do this via Cubase 12 Pro or VST?

I’m not at Cubase now so this will not be specific about the names etc.

If you put your Loop onto a Sampler Track one of the options lets you put ‘markers’ at each hit (or wherever you like actually). These will correspond to different MIDI Notes for each ‘hit’. You can then drag this MIDI onto the Sampler Track and it will play back the Loop normally but now you can change what is playing when. It’s actually easier to do than explain. See the manual for a proper description.