how to convert Key switches notes to Articulation lane?

is there a quick way or command to convert midi notes that controls key switches in key editor(by selecting them) to articulation lane ?
1: for example i record a violin sound live and use the keyboard to switch sounds articulation at the same time, then select those notes(who switches articulation)and convert them to articulation lane ?

2: maybe its possible to do it live with input transformer somehow or other method. :question:

Edit… ok tried it with HSSE and it did assign the “live on keyboard notes” keyswitching to articulation lane automaticly :stuck_out_tongue:
so Question 2 is answered (at least with halion line)

so Question 1 is still valid

To do it through the expression dropdown, the instrument has to support exposing those keyswitches. However, you can create your own map and assign it to the instrument. Just click in the expression Map slot and choose “Expression Map Setup”. Then click the + sign at the top left. You then pick the key and label for that key. You can do some crazy complex things … so sorry for a RTFM on those complexities. But, if you just have a few simple switches to do, it’s super easy.

ok thanks.
i know i can assign expression maps for unmapped key switches
but what about older stuff i recorded having midi notes already recorded in key editor for key switching and i want easy way to convert them to articulation lane and then delete those notes from editor…
i can of course redraw the articulation again but for lot of stuff i have already recorded the “old” way it’s a lot of time

Sorry as far as I know you’d have to do it manually. Save the custom map and hopefully you were consistent with the naming a long time ago. You could just reuse the custom map then.

(I haven’t actually tried this myself, but)…
You may be able to do so by using an external MIDI loop… send the original track (including the trigger notes) out to the MIDI loop, then use the loopback to input to a new MIDI track which has the desired VST Expression Map already installed on it. If successful, you can then delete the original track.