How to convert Midi tracks to Audio ?(no midi for flexphrase

With the flexphraser module in H4 it is not possible to have the phrases as a midifile…grr
On this way i can use H4 als as a phrasegenerator
Now i must record the phrase in midi than convert to audio and from audio convert to midi…to finally get the flexphrase in midi format

So how to get easy the recorded midi to audio in Cubase6.5

Manual: MIDI tracks are not included in the mixdown …first records themidi output of th eMIDi instruments to the audio inputs

Say i do have 1 midi track , i must add a audiotrack for this midi track to record the midi instrument output ( audio) on a new audio channel
Is there a handy workflow for this ? or feature in Cubase 6.5

Check this.

You can use Hitpoints in the Audioeditor for that reason.
The Position of the hitpoint is basicall the note on when you press
the button “extract midi” (I don’t know the exact description, you find it
in the hitpoint inspector).

You cannot use Cubase to extract the Midi from the Flexphraser?
Have you tried this? Midi > Mix Midi in Loop or Midi > Fix Midi (“Midi festsetzen”).

Do you think it is possible to extract the Midi from a flexphraser ? must first convert to audio and than from Audio to Midi
I am not a seasonized user in Cubase (not yet :wink:), so i am lost here with your idea’s

My idea to use the flexphraser generator for a another composer… i need there new midi phrases

Right. :open_mouth:

H4 has no MIDI Out. That sucks quite a bit.


Yes that sucks a lot …
Steinberg want protect their phrases…yes that is limited use for only in Cubase
Or trying Instrument audio record and than audio to midi conversion… how flexible this?

The length of the phrase must be made after the audio to midi conversion ( look at a repeating midi pattern )

I wrote a bit. Though you’re right…

I never understood Steinberg’s buzz about the Flexphraser. Because without the possibility to analyze, modify let alone create Flexphrazes yourself, it’s an utterly useless module for me.

Still amazing sounds made by Steinberg with the flexphraser midi module
Yes …user phrases would be better

I try to play the flexphrase in a external composer with a loopbackdriver ??