How to Convert Tracks from stereo to mono files?


I’m trying to convert my Stereo audio file into 2 separate Mono events. Should be a simple procedure, but under the Project heading, there is no ‘Convert Tracks’ option. I have Cubase 12 Artist.


Hi Dominic,

I suppose this function is only available in Cubase Pro because it’s not listed in the manual of Cubase Artist.
Here’s a side-by-side view of the manual sections (left: Pro 13, right: Artist 13):

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Ah ok, I see. Thanks !

Actually, you can do it as follows :

I’m aware that the Artist version doesn’t give as much options as the Pro one, but the essential here, is the Export as setting, which should be set as Split channels.

Additionaly, and if you want both the L & R channels to appear as two mono audio tracks in your project, use, in the After Export setting, the Create Audio track option : it will allow you to get these from your original stereo one directly in your project.

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