How to convert tuplets into non-tuplets?

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I have a full 4/4 score of triplets and I would like to convert them as quavers in a new 12/8 score (after pasting them). Is there a way to to achieve that without re-inserting all the notes one by one as quavers? I have tried to play with “requantize” but that doesn’t seem to be the right tool to achieve that.

NB: I’m not an expert in music theory, I just know the basics.

I’d say you can use the insert mode, filter and delete all tuplets, and apply a new time signature. You might need to lengthen some quarter notes (into dotted quarter notes). Honestly, that’s all I can tell you without seeing the score.

Here is the score :wink:

Phoenix Medley.dorico (521.1 KB)

Press i, select all, filter the tuplets, delete. Done.

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Wow! Thank you so much!

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The new insert modes scopes gives even more options when the score is getting way more complicated to deal with tuplets. You’ll see when you need it :wink:

Welcome to the forum Ivan! For your own future reference, here’s the relevant page in the manual.


Great piece of information, congrats!

Yes I tried to find it in the documentation for a while but I admit I didn’t really know what keywords to use to find it. Thank you!

If in doubt, just search using terms you’d use to phrase the question here. I try to make sure common synonyms and mannerisms will return relevant results.


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Understood :relieved:.

Of course, if you ever find yourself unable to find something based on sensible search terms, please do let me know! There’s always going to be corners that could be improved.

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