How to copy a part of an audio track onto a new track?

I have a stereo acoustic guitar track in my project and I want to treat the verse section differently to the rest of the sections in the song so I thought the best way to do this would be to have 2 tracks. So I want to create a new track with only the events for the verses. What is the best way to do this in Cubase? Can I just duplicate the track and then cut with the scissors tool to remove the unwated parts so that I have only the verse event on its own track or is this not the right way to do this? I also see I can use the range selection tool and copy and paste, this seems easy enough. I also wonder if the “render in place option might be a good option” I am still learning Cubase so would like to know from more experienced users which is the best method for doing something like this.

thank you


All the ways you mentioned are possible.

If you have some track settings (Inserts for example) you want to use at the other track, then I would do for the Duplicate track.

Render in Place creates new insurance of the file, what Cubase would create of you would use any Direct Offline Progress afterwards anyway.

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