How To Copy An Audio Segment To a Separate Wav file?


Please forgive my ignorance on this one… What is the easiest way create individual wav files out of one very large one?..

My wife recorded her band playing live on one of these hand held recorders. It’s a bunch of songs in one very large stereo wav file. What’s the simplest way to separate the individual songs and create individual wav files (songs)?

I imported the large wav file into Cubase (Essential 4) on a stereo track. Is there an easy way to copy/select a segment of the large wav file and paste it to another separate wav file?..

Sorry for the dumb question… I’m thinking there are probably several ways to acomplish this, I was hoping someone could explain an easy one. :unamused:

Thanks very much!

separate with the scissors tool - then select the single segments → Audio → “bounce selection”.

Hi Thinking Cap;

Where do you “bounce selection” to? right to a wav file? or do you have to send it to another track first, etc…

Thank you.

right on the audio event or -part…

My question is how to get that selection to a wav file.

Have you tried doing it yet? It might be self-explanatory once you see the process. Nice avatar, btw. I long to be absolutely free. :open_mouth:

Hi Glenn,

Slice the one big track first, then count how many edits you have (say 15) , create multiple audio tracks to match (15) and then drag each edit to a different track.

Then batch process your project…File - Export Mixdown, …to get your tracks as individual tracks in wav.

have a look at Wavelab essentials if you have to do this regularly, as you have more control of the edits, and an ability to create cue markers for running off a cd etc. (individual track numbering (Track 1 / Tracks 2 etc) like on a normal cd.

“only if you want to be!” :laughing: :laughing:

Not yet, I will try in a few hours when I get to the studio.

Hi Discoworx;

Thank you!.. I will try that. Even though I’ve had Essential 4 for a while, I’m still getting the hang of using the tools. Last night I was dragging across a section of that large wav file trying to copy and paste it (somewhere), I kept zooming horizontal when I dragged :mrgreen: I’m sure once I get the hang of it, it will be second nature, right now I’m still struggling… :unamused:

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help!