How to copy and insert a section of music

Hi, everybody,

Here I am again – the non-musician and Dorico amateur, asking for help.

This song could be (and apparently usually is) written with a repeat, kind of like it’s presented in this screenshot (however, the repeat marker –whatever it’s called – is missing). However, there is room enough for another staff system on the page of the hymnal, and it’s less confusing for folks if there is not a repeat.

Therefore, I’d like to copy the part circled in blue and insert a copy where the arrow is and also clean up anything else in this score (i.e., get the lyrics correct).

How can I copy and paste that way? Anything else I need to know?

BTW, I can’t post the file here since it’s copyrighted. However, I can respond to personal messages if that would help.

Thank you very much!

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Well, I tried several of the “Paste” and “Paste Special” options, and got this far.

Here are a couple of more questions in the attached screenshot.


Eric, the easiest procedure:
select bar 1 until bar 5.
Then type R (for Repeat)
and then delete, what is superfluous/unnecessary.


Thank you!
I’m plugging away. I’ve gone on to other scores. I think I saw answers to some of this earlier, but must have forgotten.