How to Copy and paste MIDI events?

I am new to Cubase and cannot figure out how to copy and paste my bass and drum MIDI events. I know how to duplicate an event onto several empty measures, but when I change from verse to chorus, for example, and then back to verse, I can’t copy measures 1 through 8 and then paste them at 17-24 or whatever. Can someone please explain how to do this? I am having to rewrite all the notes in each event, which is time consuming. Thank you.

OK first a bit of jargon to sort out. A MIDI Event is a piece of MIDI data that gets sent to an instrument - for example a MIDI Note-On message. So all those notes you are writing are events. The object in the Project Window that holds those MIDI Notes is called a MIDI Part. As I read it your question is about MIDI Parts so that’s what I’ll answer. Also I’m not at Cubase so I might not get the command names exactly right.

There are a bunch of ways to do this & you really should look in the manual for the full story.

Method 1

  1. Select the Parts you want to Copy and use the Edit>Copy command
  2. Make sure the Track you want to paste into is selected
  3. Move the Project Cursor to where you want the Pasted Parts
  4. Use the command Edit>Paste (or maybe it is Paste at Cursor?)

Method 2

  1. Select the Parts you want to copy
  2. Use ctrl+d to duplicate the Parts
  3. The duplicated Parts will now be selected
  4. Drag the Parts to where you want them

Not quite true. According to Steinberg and Cubase manual, a midi event is piece of midi data in the arrange window, the same as with an audio event.

  • The things circled in red are Events
  • The things circled in purple are Parts
  • The things circled in green are not the same - one is an Event & the other a Part