How to copy compleet mixer settings to use in other project

Hello ,

I worked very long on a song I recorded with a band.
No I want to use all the mixersettings in the other songs I recorded with the same band
How can I copie the compleet mixersettings to use in another project ?

I thought this was possible in previous versions of Nuendo.

I googled and search on the internet but could not find any answers.

Regards Gerardo

I’m afraid you can’t, the only way I know is to record all the songs in the same song, when you start.
When you’re finished, you can export each song seperately. Regards karel

Couldn’t you save it as a template and copy the tracks into a new project with your new template? I do that all the time.

I think that you could delete all of the audio parts on all tracks and then save the project as a template. This should preserve all of the track and mixer settings (inserts, sends etc.).

Then open the template as a new project and copy all of the tracks from the next song onto the correct tracks in the new project.

I think fenderchris and Chaos have it. I do this often and it is fast and easy.


what they said - in addition to “save/load selected channels” and “export/import” track archives…

I REALLY wish that Cubendo would feature some more dedicated features for these important tasks.

It is always a pita. Setting up fresh songs the template-way is fine. But when you have to do bigger changes later, when you are 90% done?? In 13 songs? Yea.

We really need something like PT’s Import Session Data. Requested for “years”.

I had high hopes to receive something like that with N6… instead of that we now have a total new GUI which nobody or at least very few of us really likes… regarding all the other features I have all I need.

Just that damn session data thing…

As I said:

Setting up “fresh” songs is easy, there are countless ways.
Exchanging some settings via presets or “mixer settings” files later is ok.

But importing settings to an active session without the need to save, close, open another session, store presets and stuff, discard changes, close, reopen current session, import stuff, realize that you have forgotten something important… This is almost impossible without frustration.

Agree on all points.
The new control room - What are/were they thinking (close to useless in a full band recording scenario).
The new mixer - Nah, frustrating at best (some good ideas, but to much clicking, jumping and focusing around). Difficult to act without “thinking” (where are the foucus, where do I click etc), destroying the creative flow.

It would have been great if Steinberg gave us features we asked for, not to “revolutionalize” things we never asked for (things that are working well).

Needless to say, I have held back my N6 update (working happily with Nuendo 5.5 and C6.5).

We want some kind of Import Session Data ASAP.

I recorded two large scale albums in N6 recently - that means 18 days of straight recording inside N6…

I am now quite used to N6. But I will use N5.5 for mixing… I am too slow in N6, it distractes me… recording, editing etc is cool. Using all the new stuff… Setting up the things in the mixer is ok… The new controlroom is a JOKE… when recordings only one musician over days it is usable… I am not sure how I would handle a full band - not possible I would say… I recently tried to mix a smaller project in N6… No way… Fortunately the stuff is backward-compatible so you can open a N6 session in N5.5…

Kick out all the new GUI sh*t, bring back the N5.5 Mixer/Controlroom, add some of the enhancements/features of the new Mixing Console if you want - then add some kind of IMPORT SESSION DATA solution - and N6,5 oder N7 would be the version I could use the next 10 years at least…

100% agree.

Hello everybody,

Thanks all for the replies and sorrie for not replying earliar.
For some reason I could not log in on the forum.

I think the way fenderchris and Chaos are doing it is the fastest and most reliable.

I tryed with the function save channelsettings, but it did not work 100% . No sends were coppied.

Greetings Gerardo

I need to comment on the critique of the new mixer. I have never used the control room as I have all hardware monitoring so I take is as granted that it doesn’t work well. The new mixer however is a big time saver for me, especially for larger projects. Being able to have all inserts and sends visible at once, zones, agents, Rta on every channel, channel and rack configurations and searchable effects all give me far less clicking and faster navigation. However the hover over buttons and missing invert eq are annoying.
Now back on the OP topic, it would be great to have the PT style import mixer settings for an alternative work flow but the present system works pretty well. The only thing you can’t do is add to a present session but i usually just bring in everything and delete afterward so there could be nothing to add. It would be great to have that option though.