How to copy instrument track output and paste to another ?

Hello !

I have a simple question (or at least, It’s why I’m believing :mrgreen: ) :
Is there any way to simply copy and paste output settings from an instrument track (example : kontakt with piano loaded) and paste it to another instrument track ?
(without to use a workaround like create a track preset or a kontakt preset, I would like to do it “on the fly”)

I just want to do the same things it’s actually possible to do with insert effects in mxer (I mean hold ALT and drag and drop insert FX from source channel to target channel)

Any help about this ? I’m missing something to be able to do this ?

Thank you for any input,

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Zouk !

Use the Range tool, to copy the data from a Part on one Instrument track to another.

Range tool ? I can only use it to copy events/parts inside track from one to another, but not output instrument instance settings.
Are we speaking of the same thing ?
Or I just don’t understand ?

I think maybe Vic was answering somebody else ??
…what he might have meant is that if you drag a midi part from the source instrument track, and drop it in a space in the arrange page (below the lowest track) a new track will be created, containing the instrument & its original patch.

No, I was misunderstanding completely :blush: :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comments,
However I would have rather preferred to do not have understood the answer (which means it was the solution :mrgreen:)

Well, still stuck for now so, any others idea from anybody ? Even to say it is simply impossible ? (=not implemented)


won’t duplicate track do that?

…I know it doesn’t do exactly what you want (paste vsti & sound to a track that already exists) … but it’s quick (and then just move any midi parts onto the new track…)


LOL :wink:
Would love to duplicate to solve my problems :wink:


Duplicate track or drag’n’drop midi part to blank space will create a new track with same VSTi sound but as you guessed it is not the wanted behavior. It does partially the trick unfortunately :neutral_face:

My main need is to copy/duplicate only VSTi from an instrument track to another track where insert/part/fx (etc…) are totally different. I just want and need to reuse the same sound in another track.

Duplicate track is a workaround for the VSTi but everything else still need to be set/moved/copied (insert/midi/fx…).


ah, in the initial post you made it sound like WANTED all the previous plugin stuff.

Well that’s pretty much what track presets are :stuck_out_tongue: Of course no drag - n - drop. Does not exist.


Sorry if my explanations sounded confusing.
I guess I will have to deal with the preset track as a bad (for me) workaround since there is no other way :frowning:
It’s really a workflow killer to do not be able to simply copy/past vsti from instrument track.
I thought it was a simple task at first and I was just not aware of the “magic” key, what a surprise finally !

Thanks for the confirmation :wink:

It’s kind of what the Media Bay is supposed to do. But, not to start another useless rant, it does not deliver.