how to copy midi drums

Hey guys - how you copy MIDI drums (drum map) from one line item to another, I want to copy whatevers in Kick (C1) to the hats

attached pic of what I mean

click and hold

alt shows up the drum stick for me, i al;ready tried that didnt work. it works with regular midi but not drum map

click and hold first, then press alt

(this is different to copy by drag and drop actions in the other editors. It used to work some years ago by pressing ALT and drag and drop. It took me a while to get used to the new way…another “new feature”, nobody asked for… :cry: )

There’s no law that says you can’t be editing the same MIDI Part in both the Key & Drum Editors at the same time (Score & List too). Some things are easier to accomplish in one Editor rather than the other. Just because it is a drum Part don’t restrict yourself to only using the Drum Editor on it - use what is easiest for the task. :wink: