How to correct 1 note in a audio stream

I’ve made a project wich is almost done.
On one of the tracks there’s a accordeon playing. On the track there is 1 false note wich i’d like to correct.
Im using Elements 7.
How to do this?

You’d want to use VariAudio (manual pg. 353). However that component is only part of the full version of Cubase, so you can’t do it in Elements.

If somewhere else in the part the note you want to replace was played properly, cut the audio part twice in the project window to remove the bad note. Then bring in another copy of the audio part on a different track and cut it to remove everything but the replacement note. Then drag it into “hole” on your first track to replace the missing note.

If you don’t have a good example of correct note, then you’ll need to pitch correct it. First make a copy of the audio file and in an audio editor cut it so only your bad note is in the new file. Then go to and search for a free tool that allows you to change the pitch of audio. Use that to set the pitch correctly, import that into the pool and use it as above to replace the bad note.

… and that is only possible if the accordion is playing single notes. If it is a wrong note in the middle of a recorded chord, then you’ll need Melodyne Editor (a bit expensive, if you only ever need to correct that one note! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Not trying to be a smartass here, but my policy in such cases is to have the musician play it again - saves so much time!