How to correct all errors for an entire track?

I am working with some live tracks and they have a lot of errors. Amazingly, I am able to remove these errors with the short resynthesis correction in Wavelab 11.2. However, I can only correct about 20 seconds of the track at one time because there are so many errors within the entire track. I have to use the highest sensitiviy, (30) in order for these errors to be detected. The problem I am having is after I correct the first 20 seconds of the track, how do I make the next selection start exactly from where the last selection ended?

Also, after I correct a selection and then select the same area, it finds more errors, not as many as the first time but it still finds a lot. I can detect all the errors and then correct them over and over in the same selection. Wavelab will just keep finding more errors over and over in the same selection. Why is this?

If I just corrected all the errors within a selection, there shouldn’t be any if I were to detect again in the same selection.


Select a time range, then call this option:

Yes, I was aware that I had to click on “define as current selection” I didn’t know how to make a selection the way I wanted to. Although, I figured it out by using the edit tab>range selection. In here I can use the custom option to select a specific time selection.

The only problem I’m having now is that is continues to find errors within the same time selection no matter how many times I correct them. Why does it keep finding errors?

I don’t know. Are these already corrected errors? If yes, try reducing the sensitivity.
Add picture to see what kind of error you mean.

If the sensitivity remains the same, it should not matter. For example, I click on “detect all errors” for the first 20 seconds of the track and then click on “correct all marked errors.” Then, if I click on “detect all errors” again for the first 20 seconds of the track without changing the sensitivity, it finds more errors. I can do this forever and it will keep finding more errors.

I have to use the highest sensitivity, (30) in order to detect these errors. I also have to detect and correct the errors multiple times in order for it to actually sound better. Detecting and correcting the errors one time will not improve the sound.

I already posted a picture, thanks

Here are some more screen shots. I detect once and find 632 errors. I correct them and then it says 427 errors. I detect a second time and find 395 errors. I correct them again and then it says 350 errors.

My configuration remained the same the entire time.

That must be a very problematic audio file then.
I just tested on a recent mix i did and it came out with zero errors ( im happy for that :D)
Im running WL 11.2 Pro

The WaveLab tool suggests these are errors. There are not necessarily errors. Indeed, some abrupt natural transients can be falsely detected as errors (we call that 'false positives").
Therefore, you need to zoom in to check more accurately if these are errors. The auto-zooming feature of this tool, helps for this ven

So, what exactly are you telling me I should do?

Zoom in to verify if the markers really represent errors. And of course, listen too.

How do I zoom in, how do I verify the markers are really errors?

If you don’t know how to zoom in WaveLab, please read the manual.