How to creat pitch in Trackeditor?

:question: Hello,

i‘m new here, but i use Musicstudio since my first iphone 3G. Now i found the Manual-pdf. There is described, how notes look eith pitch. I don‘t use anny further Hardware - i only use Music Studio on my iphone. So, how can i create pitch in editor? For exaple the yippieyayoh in ‚ghostridery in the sky‘?

Thanks a lot


Hi Jens,

Pitch-bend cannot be drawn in the editor, it can only be recorded. There are 3 ways to record pitch-bend:

  1. Use the pitch-bend wheel:
  2. Use the accelerometer:
  3. Use external MIDI hardware or other MIDI apps as input

The range and other settings can be configured in the Pitch Setup: