How to create a click track automatically from a stereo drum track?

Simple question, but maybe not so simple to answer !

I need to create some click tracks from pre-recorded drum tracks.
The tracks were recorded without external tempo reference, so the tempi are human and naturally slightly drifting. Some titles have pretty simple and stable tempi in 4/4, when some are rather jazzy and more drifty.

Is there a reliable method to create a click track (1 or 2 clicks per bar), without having to correct manually each beats points ? I follow once a tutorial on the internet which purposed to put warp points etc, I got a nice result, but it was veeeery complicated, very unpractical and time consuming (need at least 3 hours for 3 minutes of jazz music) to replace wrong detections. So I hope that with new versions of cubase there are maybe better efficient and more reliable methods to do so !

…And by the way, to go further with, I would like to audio-quantize those drifty drum tracks in order to get rock-stable click tracks. I suppose it is easy to do so after getting reliable beats points on a tempo map?

Thanks for help in advance,


This Greg Ondo video may have some techniques that will help with what you want.