How to create a multi-output ezdrummer track (answered)

Hello everybody,

I have created an ezdrummer instrument track but I now realise that I’d be very happy to have the convenience of the multi-output VST channel folder with the multiple tracks so that I can tweak separately. Although I found info on how to set up such a track from scratch, I still can’t figure out how I could transfer the recorded drum data from the Instrument channel to the separate midi tracks. Any ideas?

Dissolve Part

Unless I´m misunderstanding you - if you want multi output VST channels, you need to enable the VST outputs in the VST instrument rack and the VST instrument, not dissolve the MIDI track

That’s the trouble with intrument tracks; you can’t activate all outputs the way you can with the VST instrument rack.
And dissolving the part is not the way because ezDrummer is not multitembral, that is you can’t receive notes on different channels and therefor you would need multiple instances of ezDrummer resulting in rediculous CPU and memory load.
So what you need to do is; go the old fashion way and load ezDrummer in the VST instrument rack, activate all outputs for ezDrummer in the VST instrument rack, create a midi track that routes to the ezDrummer slot of the VST instrument rack (Cubase will ask you to do so when you load an instrument in the VST instrument rack) and copy the complete part of your old instrument track to the newly created midi track.

Another reason not to use Instrument tracks. Honestly, what are they good for? I don’t get it…


Did it, thanks guys.

instrument tracks are great for solo \single instruments.