How to create a new Logical Editor preset?

I’ve created Logical Editor presets before in C11. There was a “save preset” button at the top that would save your (new) preset with the (new) name you gave it. I’m not finding any such button on the C12 LE. I must be missing something…

The first time I looked at the Preset dropdown I didn’t notice this (and it seems like I would have since that’s what I was looking for), but the 2nd time I looked it was there.

Hmm, the first time I clicked that down arrow, “Save Changes” was definitely not there. But on repetition it’s consistently there. Hmm…

It only appears after a change has been made to a preset, I believe.

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I just spent 15 minutes trying to find this and figure it out. That’s flow interrupted and lost time I’ll never get back.

FWIW, IMO, this design is poor!

A preset save button should always be available and visible, and not possible to be scrolled off and invisible!

And, it absolutely should not appear and disappear based on any context (no matter how seemingly logical).

Even if a preset has not been edited, it should still and always be (re-)savable under a new name.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a case of actively making things worse. Why do that? I mean seriously, why?

Honestly, I really prefer to praise rather than condemn, but expending effort to make changes that go 180 degrees backwards in the wrong direction is not praiseworthy.

Please walk it back, ASAP. Thanks.


I had problems finding it as well.
As minor as it may be, I don’t understand why some developers feel the need to re-invent the wheel, and this is a grand example. File saving has been standardized on computers across platforms for decades. This is nonintuitive and a poor design from a UX perspective.


Agree 100%
in arpache sx + arpache 5 and LE… there are no “Next / prev preset” buttons
soooo how can we browse presets without these buttons?
It doesn’t make sense to open the list and look for the next preset to try it especially in arpache sx + arpache 5 or anything else that needs to be browsed and listened to.

Totally agree. Steinberg please bring back Next, Prev and Save buttons !