How to create a Pinky and Perky effect

I actually want to create a Pinky and Perky effect as part of a comic song project - only for part of the song which will sync with an animation.
I have the vocal and instrumental tracks isolated.
The vocalist will go back to the studio if necessary.

I am using Cubase 7.5.
Suggestions appreciated.

Don’t know how many people will know what you mean by Pinky and Perky, it’s rather a British thing - I happened to watch an old Documentary from the '60s so I think I know what you’re trying to do. Read up on the theme ‘time stretch and pitch shift’ in the operation manual.

Hello,please tell me!I bought cubase 7.5, installed on your computer,registered 8 ,seems to have done everything right,after 20 days ceased to open and run!who have come up against this and what can you suggest? :cry:

Okay thanks for that.

@AndreyNaryan please don’t hijack other peoples threads, start your own!